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Book an amazing show for the kids to your resort, private party or event!

Having a visit from a magical character is every child's AND parents happiness! 

We have created thousands of parties and events, and we are very proud ta say that we have customers like the Swedish Royal Family and together with thousands of other happy customers.


Book a show full of magic with:

Interactive singing and dancing with the children.

Face painting, balloonfigures and a very exiting treasure hunt and fireshow!

The show is able to order to your home, hotel or resort and You just sit back and relax as the children will have a wonderful time!

We also help with catering, cake and decorations if you wish.

Available to book from:

60 min: 3000 baht

 90 min: 3500 baht 

120 min: 4000 baht

Prinsessan (9).png

The mischievous little clown comes straight from her circus carriage where she lives at the circus along with her little circus flea.
Mary has lots of fun things with her and she loves to sing and dance!

Prinsessan (10).png

Comes with her secret trunk where she has lots of strange things that she needs to sort out together with the children what it could be. In addition, she has a story to tell about a gigantic dangerous dragon she met..
Prinsessan (11).png

A brave pirate who  ship in the Andaman sea to help the children to find where Captain Fart has hidden a treasure. Piraya loves to look for treasures! And she's the best in the entire universe at spitting fire.



Princess Sandra is all about magic and fairytales! She loves to tell stories about all the princes she met. And she is a big fan of dancing. Sandra knows some magic tricks for how to become anyone you like in the whole world, and she is more then happy to show all the children how..
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