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RAKSABAI - Is a very special boat that have done many exiting and fun boattrips for tourists and groups during the years. This year we proudly present A REAL PIRATE TREASUREHUNT around the islands of Koh Lanta! 

The boat is located in Saladan Pier and has the facilities: toilet, small bar and a lounge area. 


FOR CHILDREN - This is a real adventure with Pirate Piraya! Together we try to find the magical treasure that is buried somewhere on the islands. Piraya do pirate facepainting on everyone that wishes to be a real pirate like her - and you will also get a balloonsword to play with.

The trip is included + fruits, snacks and water

3 hours: Minimum of 10 children ( + one parent ) - 700 baht per child and parent.

( Refreashments available for adults )

English trailer

Swedish trailer


ONCE A MONTH - The boat departures in the sunset for all the grown ups that are brave enough to join the more adult verion of PIrate Piraya.. This will be a treasurehunt not to forget, in the dark with the crazy pirate and her crew. Prepare for anything and everything. And if possible bring a friend to hold your hand or the flashlight in the dark.

3 hours: Minimum of 10 persons - 1000 baht per person including Pirate show, with beverages as beer, wine or alcohol free choice.

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