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Ghostdinner Show

This is an evening that you will not forget easily. Together with some real ghosts you will enjoy (?) a show from where a brutal murder happened right where you stand for about 200 years ago.. Now it is up to you, to figure out who killed who and how?
In between you will enjoy a fabulous dinner where the ghosts will appear one last time for you to ask them any questions you might have.
And after the very last scene is exposed, we will know who the talented detectives among the audience is.

This show is for the whole family recommended from the age of 7 years. But it is all up to you to decide for your own family.
Just make sure that you bring someone to hold your hand. tight That is for certain..
Available to book to any resort on the island.

Show + Dinnerbuffé:
600 baht for adults
300 baht for children
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